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Hello, I'm Neucleus.


I'm Neucleus, and for more than 30yrs I’ve been helping people lose weight and improve chronic health diseases like; type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, asthma, coronary heart disease, obesity, anemia, inactive thyroid, and sciatic nerve pain just to mention a few.


I’ve always been into physical fitness although during my teens years I wasn't drawn to sport activities due to the large amount of favoritism during my childhood and teen years.


I became a personal trainer, because I wanted to improve my own personal health, I realized that my family has a history of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes, and I wanted to improve my lifestyle and break the genetic cycle, that had plagued American's for decades.


I became more and more captivated, and amazed by the knowledge I've learned, and the amazing results I've experienced from my own trial and error.  My hunger for this new knowledge became a lifestyle and I wanted to know all there was to help improve my life and hopefully help others along the way.

My Story


I really wanted to help seniors because I felt they were being neglected by the medical society and treated as
 prey.  From a business stand-point especially in the medical profession; it is wise to never offer an instant cure, because financially you would put yourself out of business.  

But I practice with a different point of view; I'm not going to live forever and during this life-time I wanted to give something of value to the senior community...something rewarding and life-changing. 

So I decided this is my help seniors live a better life-style during their retirement years, and save money to enjoy their remaining days. 

I wanted to give them hope, honesty, integrity, and results that would last a lifetime. 

I want to help them live... 

So I created a wellness community called; "MasterClass Fitness Academya private online community where people of like concern could join and get answers about how to improve their lives dealing with weight loss due to post-partum or post-menopausal affects, obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis,  and food cravings which is the results of most chronic health diseases. 

I want to help other people obtain results like these. 

So I created a community where people could learn how to improve TYPE 2 DIABETES, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, ARTHRITIS, INACTIVE THYROID, ANEMIA, ARTERIOSCLEROSIS, CORONARY HEART DISEASE and so much more. 

I've learned throughout my studies that these conditions are not permanent and can be dramatically improved within as little as 90-days. 

In fact...during my practice some of my clients have improved their conditions to the point they longer have a need for medications 

But I wasn’t always a personal trainer, nutrition coach and chronic disease specialist.  My quest for improvement of my own personal health leads me down this path, and so far it’s been a rewarding, and enjoying adventure. 

See...I started my journey unknowingly at the age of 11yrs old, after being bullied, and push around during my elementary school years…finally I had enough and begin to teach myself martial arts.  I started studying Bruce Tigger (Karate) and thereafter join a club studying under the teaching of Master Ali in Atlanta Georgia. 

By the time I was in ninth grade I was no longer view as the kid to be bullied…but instead a God fearing young man, peaceful minded in heart, forgiving with a gentle spirit, and a set of great martial arts skills…In fact during my high school years I was viewed as…Not The One To Be Bullied and nickname Rev., due to my Christian faith. 

During that time I became fascinated by Eastern Medicine...traditional Chinese medicine, healing herbs and roots, as well as The Secrets of Martial Arts; a magazine publication which originated from Hong Kong, China. 

So I continued and studied this calling of Martial Secrets for years; from age 11 to 33. 

After retiring from the US Military in 1986.  I moved to Washington State, thereafter Oregon and later to California.  I continued my profession as an aerospace prototype technician and later began working for Family Fitness Center in Laguna Hills California as a martial arts instructor.  

From there I went on to work for Family Fitness Center in Costa Mesa California as a sales counselor and personal trainer.  During this time my clients was a national rugby player, an international model and singer, a professional ballet dancer, and an LAPD Police Officer. 

From there I move back to my profession as a aerospace engineer technician and after gaining about 45lbs with my sedentary lifestyle my personal health became an issue; I began experiencing lower back  and hip pains, lots of knee pain, and swelling, and the unexpected  collapsing of my knees while walking.  I would be walking down the street and suddenly without warning or pain my knees would collapse, and down to the ground I'd fall. 

I had so many scars on my knees from falling, and the pain was terrible having injuries on top of injury.

I was attending rehab therapy at the V.A. Hospital which wasn't doing any good, so I decided to get back into the business of personal training, and learn how to improve my own health condition.

During my doctor visits I found out I had diabetes, and high blood pressure as a result of my sedentary life-style, and I didn't want to travel the same route other family members travelled; my sister, brother, and mother had past as a result of these chronic health conditions.  I desperately needed answers, and I needed to make a change...Immediately! 

So I became a distance runner and coach…and I would run 14 mile per day – 5-days a week trying to improve my health condition, as it came to the point whereas I wasn’t losing weight anymore, but my diabetes, and high blood pressure wasn't getting better either, and I was stuck in a weight-loss plateau. I needed to do something different... Something more... 

That's when I started studying at the National Academy Of Sports Medicine, where I earned my C.P.T. and S.F.S. certification, Beach Body's "Insanity Live" Certification, and Silver Sneakers Certifications.  From there I went on to study at various other health and wellness facilities, and online fitness training courses. 

I attended medical lectures on type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, dieting, and fasting for weight loss. 

I realized I needed to change my diet…so I did and the results were amazing, but that’s not the end of it. 

So I started back working at the 24Hr Fitness Center in Buena Park California and from there went on to work for Fitness 19 Buena Park Ca, 

At Fitness 19, my clients were a woman with 2 reconstructed knees, another lady with spinal compression (herniated disk), a young kid with high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes (suffering with constant migraine headaches daily) and another woman with an autoimmune deficiency that prevented her from walking.  

I have to tell you that all of those cases ended with great success, and improvement, and every one of these people are still friend on my Facebook page today. 

From there I worked at LA Fitness Center Garden Grove, Chuze Fitness, 24Hrs Fitness Cerritos SuperSport. 

At 24 Hours SuperSports in Cerritos, Ca. I was 1 of 2; of the only hybrid trainers in the region, and being the most versatile trainer in the region I was the most accredited for my hybrid trainer knowledge and within the top 5 sales percentage in the region. At the age of 56 and my peers being half my age.  I remember my manager asking me…do you think you can do this…because of my age. 

Well…allow me to share the outcome…at age 56, I could outperform my business colleges in strength, endurance, physical physic, and weight lifting; and I never practice weight lifting as a fitness regimen. 

I was a personal trainer, senior fitness instructor, cycling trainer, kickboxer instructor, Insanity Fitness Instructor and group exercise coach…my days would consist of 8 – 10 hours of continuously rigorous training session where I would perform each training session; move for move along with my clients…EVERYDAY starting a 5AM daily. 

At 24Hr Fitness I had a client there who was losing her eye sight due to type  2  diabetes, a Philippine woman by the named of Maria, and an East India man with the foot problem. He was struggled with type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure, and they both needed serious improvement fast. 

Because of genetic coding my client with the foot problem depended on our success of improving his A1C level since he had already lost several family members with the same health conditions.  

This client was at risk of losing his foot and probably death…He already had his toe amputated, and expecting the worst he was looking for a real solution.   

I was also successful in helping my client with the hemorrhaging in her eye due to type 2 diabetes. Together with her medical doctor supervision we were able to improve her condition to the point she was no longer in jeopardy of losing her sight. 

Amazingly my learned fasting techniques from Dr. Alan Goldhamer, helped to improve the effects of her vision, and made her a happy woman. 

That really changed her life… 

Our success came by way of daily exercise, and dieting with her doctor’s supervision. 

My client with the foot problem reduced, and improved his A1C level within approximately 6-month through dieting and exercise coaching, This was truly a life changer for him, and he was no longer at risk of losing his foot, kidney problems or potentially having a heart attack like past members of his family. 

From there I continued my practice as a private health and wellness specialist at Planet Fitness, in Hawaiian Garden, Ca. 

I decided to become a private trainer so I could help people without being restricted, which I had endured a lot of while working for other fitness companies. It also helped to improve my income and I felt my level of expertise had risen above that of a normal fitness center…the truth is...I really enjoy the expression on the faces of my clients after witnessing their personal success of reaching their health goals, and being able to see their life-changing expressions of joy…this was a great reward for me, and the personal testimonies that I would remember for a life-time. 

One of my recent clients was 61yrs old and had been training with her trainer in Singapore for more that 15yrs…her trainer told her she was too old to lose weight and it wasn’t possible at her age…she started training with me here in California, and within 45-days with dieting and exercise coaching she lost 12.8% body fat (102lbs to 89lbs at height 4’11”)  

She returned to Singapore after 90-days and her friends, family, business colleges, and former trainer was amazed...they couldn't believe their eyes, and her former trainer was speechless, and embarrassed to have been proven wrong. 


I’m not a miracle worker, and I’m definitely not God…but I am truly blessed with a gift…of genuinely helping people improve their health and well-being.   

Thank God, Jesus Our Savior for His blessings.  

I’m just sharing with you the lineage and challenges I faced getting to where I am today…and during that time I continue to study and broaden my knowledge through training with NASM, Beach Body, Men and Women Health, Silver Sneakers, ACE, ASFA and various other fitness certification schools. 

Based on my experience and knowledge this is why I feel I can help you, because many of the problem you’re facing I’ve endured as well and I can relate with the pain, discomfort, and struggles you’re enduring. I was just like you once in the past, but I was able to overcome these health conditions, and I believe so can you… 


I’ve studied literature; attend lectures, and video training with various professionals such as: 

Dr. Amy Lee, Nucific Herbal Probiotics 

Primal Labs Nutrition 

Dr. Alan Goldhamer True North Health Center, Santa Rosa, Ca. 

Dr. Marlene Merritt – Smart Blood Sugar 

David Sandoval – The Green Food Bible and Purium Heath Product 

Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo – Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type 

Kristina Wilds – The Sheperd’s Code 


The difference between me, and other health and wellness coaches, and personal trainers is that most
trainers tend to shy away from accepting clients with chronic health diseases
like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, high cholesterol, inactive thyroid, arthritis, Alzheimer, Parkinson Disease, Fibromyalgia and so many more…  

I want to help people live healthier lives, potentially free of pain and discomforts, medical bills, frequent doctor visits, and prescription medications. 

Now that I’ve this is possible I want to share with you, and hopefully we can make a change in your life…your health and well-being. 

I want to help you obtain the freedom to take control of their personal health and enjoy your life to the fullest... 

In our private Q & A group "MasterClass Fitness Academyyou’ll learn the “Secrets of Weight Loss and Chronic Health Disease Improvement"; how to lose 2 – 4lbs per day and still enjoy delicious healthy meals daily. 

I'll share information with you about how to improve type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, inactive thyroid, arthritis, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, asthma and many other chronic health diseases. 

I hope I can help someone improve their lifestyle, and potentially become free of prescription medications.   

If you’re really looking to lose weight, and improve your health…the real key is having the proper MINDSET AND DETERMINATION TO ACHIEVE these goals. You have to believe in change…and desire it as if your life depends on it.   

With this level of focus…together we can succeed… 


If I can help just 1 more person regain the freedom of enjoying their good health without pain, discomfort, and prescription medication I'll feel good about myself, because I've helped someone else...once the good life. 


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I Enjoy Teaching Various Styles Of Training

Basic Fundamental Training

Fundamental Movement Techniques is highly essential for seniors especially for gaining flexibility of the hips, balance and stability, and bone density.

This a great way to improve domestic and recreational performance and preparing the body for weight lifting training.

Fundamental Movement Techniques will teach you how to properly leverage the muscles within your body for optimal performance, increase strength, and increased resting metabolism.

This will start the process of getting your body to burn stored body fat and condition your muscles for a higher grades of training. 

View Fundamental Movement Workouts

Plyometric, And Thermogenic Training

Plyometric and Thermogenic is where you'll learn to move your metabolism into the anaerobic stage whereas your body will use stored body fat as a source of energy during your exercise training and reveal other amazing secrets of weight loss like the E.P.O.C. affect which will cause your body to continuously burn stored body fat for a period of 24 - 48 hours after completing a 1-hour training session.

Plyometric and Thermogenic is a more extremely level of body weight workout which is composed with lots of jumping and time-sequenced movement techniques.  My favorite go-to workout for burning extremely body fat is Insanity Live Workouts, which I am a certified Insanity Live Instructor.

This form of exercising is for extremely body fat burning, coordination, memory, focus, agility, speed, and reflex improvement.

Watch Plyometric & Thermogenic Workouts

Proprioceptivity And Hypertrophy

Proprioceptivity is being able to work in an unstable environment yet through muscle control and activation you're able to maintain control though balance and stability utilizing your type 1 muscle fibers.

Hypertrophy is the ultimate method for getting total muscle symmetry (Ripped Body Muscle Appearance) while burning body fat at the same time.  It's a different form of weight lifting rarely used by members of a gym, but is currently growing in popularity.

With Proprioceptivity and Hypertrophy you can create extreme body transformation in as little as 45-days.  You can go from a 1-pack (big fat belly) to a 6-pack within 45-day by including dieting into your regiment. 

Together these techniques will create many new abilities from calisthenics strength and abilities to, vertical leap ability, extreme balance, increased body strength and rapid weight loss just to name a few. 

Proprioceptive & Hypertrophy Videos

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