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Why spend months after month with exercise and dieting just to lose ONLY a few pounds

  • What If You Could Lose 2-4Lbs Per Day Without Dieting, Starving Yourself, Or Counting Calories?
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  • What If You Could Manage Your Chronic Health Condition Within 90-Days Without The Need For  Medications?

Medical Science I Constantly Changing and So Is Fitness & Personal Training

Most people find it to be normal to spend money month after month to only lose a few pounds.  Many have been fooled into thinking losing weight rapidly is only water weight or you’ll gain it back in about a day.  The Secret is learning how to activate the irisin hormones within your cells, and creating adiponectin peptide. This secret alone could have you burning body fat in minutes, and even while you sleep.


If You Knew
The Secrets of Weight
Loss and Chronic Health Condition Improvement

You Would See Results In Days.


But if you’re thinking losing weight is a ONE-TIME FIX that will last a life-time you’re fooling yourself.  Improving your health is expensive it take time, and money to gain a successful outcome.  It is a life-changer that you must be committed to changing by maintaining healthy eating and regular daily exercise.

If This Is Not Your Goal
Stop Now!
Request A Refund - And continue to enjoy life as normal. 

The Key Is Being Committed To Change

- 30% Exercise Movement - 100% Mindset

If You Can Do This I Guarantee We Can Help You Get Results In Days

This is the combination for success
, and if you fail at any of these your result will not last. Learning the Secrets of Weight Loss could put you well on your way to losing 2 – 4Lbs per day of pure body fat…not water!

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For 30 years the Founder of MasterClass Fitness Academy has helped people lose weight, and improve chronic diseases like, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, obesity, and inactive thyroid.

Our educated, and experienced professionals will offer the most innovative, proven, science-based methods, and strategies for reaching optimum performance, and improving your health and wellness.

Within our live Q & A sessions, we hosts live professionals to guide you, and teach you the secrets to smoother, younger-looking, healthier skin; nutritional supplements; dietary fasting; secrets of weight loss; chronic health condition improvement, and so much more…We also offer group, and private one-on-one sessions.

Learn how to revitalize your skin, and get a natural glow.
Remove blemishes, improve uneven complexion, and get that baby-soft skin you desire.

During our Q & A Sessions you’ll get answers to “Everything You Need To Know About Weight Loss – Chronic Health Disease Improvement – Skincare”. All of our coaches are licensed, insured, and certified professionals.

No more wondering what to do next…

Never worry about reaching a plateau…

Enjoy delicious healthy meal without the risk of gaining weight…

Learn how to lose 2 – 4Lbs of body fat per day…

Learn the secret to dramatically improving your chronic health condition…

For Immobility Impaired try our Proprietary Weight Loss Solution called “WeightLess”.

“WeightLess” is a proprietary weight loss, and chronic health solution designed to stabilize blood sugar levels, activate the AMP-Activated Kinase Protein molecules within the cells of your body, to improve insulin production, increase metabolism, convert fat into energy, and causes the body to immediately burn carbohydrates as a source of energy rather than being stored as a reserve source.

This proven science-based solution will have you burning body fat in minutes. 

The key is this proprietary weight loss solution activates your AMPK molecules; which aid in the increased production of Adiponectin peptides within the skeletal muscle, and the liver.  This regulates leptin receptors, also call the “obesity receptors” which is a hormone released from the fat cells signaling the brain, and telling the body when it’s time to stop eating, and when to release fatty acids (store body fat) into the blood stream to be used as energy. 

On average people using “WeightLess” Proprietary Weight Loss Solution are losing 2 – 4lbs of body fat per day.

It enhances glucagon receptors helping the body to break down fat cells, and deposit them into the bloodstream to be used as energy, decreasing cortisol levels, creating HGH (Human Growth Hormones) to be used during periods of fasting, and increases the activation of the irisin hormone (Brown Fat Cells); whereas brown adipose tissue is involved in non-shivering thermogenesis; which causes the burning of stored body fat even after the complexion of exercising in as much as 48 hours continuously; this is known as the (E.P.O.C. Effect)

"WeightLess" supplement solution helps the liver to produce larger amounts of Adiponectin within brown adipose tissue, brown fat cells (BAT) which purpose is to convert fat cells into energy.

“WeightLess” is not a single nutritional supplement, it is a time-based solution taken daily to increase metabolism causing your body to burn stored body fat and fat within the veins and arteries.  It’s specifically designed to enhance your thyroid, strengthen immune system, and stimulate the production of adiponectin, and AMPK within cells of your body.

"WeightLess Ultra" Chronic Health Conditions
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"WeightLess" Arthritic Improvement

The Danger Of Too Much Body Fat

At the MasterClass Fitness Academy we’ll teach you how to:


  • Improve Your A1C Level
  • Lose 2 – 4Lbs per day
  • Lose up to 15Lbs in just 2.5-days
  • Improve High Blood Pressure In Less Than 30-days
  • Improve Arthritis
  • Lose 20-30Lbs in 30-days (This is a nice slow pace)
  • Re-activate Your Inactive Thyroid For Weight Loss
  • Lose up to 65Lbs in 10-weeks


Our Fat Burning Program combats visceral fat, the deadly abdominal fat that has plagued Americans for decades.  

If you're experiencing these symptoms you need professional help.

Do you feel fatigued with difficulty breathing, especially after walking up a flight of stairs?

A lack of energy, endurance, stamina, after eating a meal?

Low libido or your sex drive has lost its spark? 

All of these are caused by too much body fat, (visceral fat) and we have the solution for you…

Overweight & Visceral Fat is a deadly combination.  Being overweight causes numerous chronic health conditions, and visceral fat impedes the functions of the stomach, liver, intestines, kidneys, bladder causing many complications within the body.  Although fat is healthy, and necessary for the body, having too much fat can be deadly.

Having visceral fat in the belly is a sign of metabolic syndrome, a collection of disorders that include high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol and insulin resistance. Together, these increase the risk of stroke, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Having too much visceral fat in the belly can also cause:




liver disease

gall bladder disease and gout

fertility problems

lower back pain



It’s truly time to consider weight loss, dieting, healthy eating, and exercise.  It’s time to seek professional help; you need a personal trainer.

While you’re spending month after month with exercise and dieting just to lose a few pounds.  If you knew the Secrets of Weight Loss & Chronic Health Condition Improvement you would see results in days.  We'll teach you how to lose 2 - 4Lbs of body fat per day.

You’ll save time, and money, and get amazing results in just days.  It’s time to get more out of your investment…it’s time to get MasterClass Fitness Academy.

At MasterClass Fitness Academy we guarantee to offer you the lowest prices in the industry for professional grade improvement, and we guarantee you'll obtain results in days...and we'll teach you how to maintain your new appearance as long as you value living.

Within the next 30-days I can help you create a healthy appearance that would surprise your friends, and family…they won’t even recognize you from a distance.

See it only takes only 2.5-days to lose up to 15Lbs…so what are you waiting for?  Let’s Get Started!

Many people struggle with lower back, hip, knee and feet pain due to being overweight.  If left untreated these conditions escalate into move serious health conditions normally chronic health diseases. These conditions can be reduced in as little as 90 days! Regain your vitality, sex drive, stamina, and improve chronic health diseases. 
Get professional grade assistance now!

Hyperthyroidism Improvement After Post-Partum & Post Menopausal

Unfamiliar to most people are the facts that our personal health and physical attributes have been written into our DNA at birth.  Within our Genes (Genome Science) 
a combination of genes and chromosomes from your mother and father pass on the child at birth through the placenta.  These genes of composed with biological information from the mother and father DNA, RNA, and Chromosomes.

Genes are a unit of heredity coding which is transferred from a parent to offspring and is held to determine some characteristic of the offspring. (Genome)   Every person has two copies of each gene, one inherited from each parent. Most genes are the same in all people, but a small number of genes (less than 1 percent of the total are similar within human-beings) are slightly different between people. 

In most cases some of these genes lie dormant until disturbed by trauma, or stress during our life-time.  As we age our metabolism changes weakening our immune system causing some of the genes to manifest particularly during our senior years.

The Thyroid Gene is encoded at birth as well outlining the functionality of our metabolism as well as heart rate; muscles; digestion; and weight control.  The Thyroid Gene is the most active affecting 95% of women during their life-time especially during and after post-partum and post-menopausal.

Thyroid hormones
 affect every cell and all the organs of the body. They:

  • Regulate the rate at which calories are burned, affecting weight loss or weight gain.
  • Can slow down or speed up the heartbeat.
  • Can raise or lower body temperature.
  • Influence the rate at which food moves through the digestive tract.
  • Control the way muscles contract.
  • Control the rate at which dying cells are replaced.
  • Cholesterol Level
  • Menstrual Cycles


You’ll learn about Hyperthyroidism and improving thyroid functionality; you’ll understand how your body has been hardwired at birth, and the important nutrients necessary for optimizing your thyroid functions during, and after post-partum, and post-menopausal; ; the 20 Amazing secrets for burning body fat and restoring thyroid functionality; the effects of eating 3-meal a day; intermittent fasting and it's amazing benefits; how to calculate your recommended daily food allowance by the FDA; learn when is the best time to eat and how it play a role in good health; how food and alcohol affects your body; the benefits of drinking water; reactivating your thyroid after post-partum and post menopause; other amazing tip to speed up your metabolism and burn more body fat; the amazing benefits of drinking coffee and when is the best time to drink coffee.

These are the essential nutritional supplements that are necessary for boosting and enhancing your thyroid functions;

Selenium – Iodine – Zinc – Vitamin D – Vitamin B Complex

Thyroid Support contains all the above essential nutrients necessary for optimal thyroid functions.

Another nutrient that’s exceptionally beneficial at restoring thyroid functions is Red Sea Moss.

Combining these nutrients together would optimize your thyroid to a point allowing you the ability to burn 2 – 4lbs of body fat daily.  As recommended by MasterClass Fitness Academy; these supplements along with a daily exercise routine would have you burning body fat 24/7; Sea Moss Plus (Sea Moss, Bladderwrack Powder and Burdock Root) and Thyroid Support.

We stand behind these claims by offering you OUR 100% Ironclad Guarantee.  If you follow the program, and trainer instructions, and don’t see result within 48-hours we’ll offer you a FULL REFUND…NO QUESTIONS ASK

The best exercise programs for burning body fat and stimulating the thyroid gland should be conducted during the morning time which are;  Thyroid & Exercise


These exercise programs are;

Insanity Live Fitness

Muscle Hypertrophy


But even if you choose a different time during the day for your exercise program the results would be the same GUARANTEED.

Order Your Thyroid Supplement Now!

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Click here and add to cart:   Thyroid Support

How Do You Know You Need A Personal Trainer

Here are some of the signs that you need a personal trainer, not medical help, because most treatments are expensive, and always temporary.  Why waste your money on something that’s not guaranteed. 

Well! In fact! There are only 2 things in life that are Guaranteed…Life (Being Born) and Death (We all have to go someday…Lord knows)

Everything else depends on your ability to discipline, and love yourself to the point that you’re willing to preserve life without unnecessary pain, suffering, and health discomforts.  You're willing to invest time, and money ensuring you enjoy a pain-free lifestyle.

Well! These are the signs that you need to take action in improving your health before matter get worst, and more expensive .

Can’t sit down on the floor and stand up within 5 seconds

Can’t squat with both palms on the floor between your legs

Can’t run a ¼ of a mile without feeling like passing out

Can’t balance on 1-leg for 30 seconds

You’re overweight

The measurement of your stomach/waistline is greater than;

Women  31 inches; Men 37 inches

Finally!  If you have any type of Chronic Health Condition; type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight, coronary heart disease, fatty liver disease, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis...and well you know what I mean.  It's time for you to get help otherwise you're going to spend all your savings, and retirement funds on medical bill, and prescription medication; and I GUARANTEE the doctor will not give you a cure...If he does, you won't ever need any types of medication or further treatments.

This Means!  It's time for you to take action…change your lifestyle…seek professional help…hire a personal trainer.

MasterClass Fitness Academy can offer you professional grade fitness training at a fraction of the cost of a single professional personal training session.  You'll learn the Secret of Weight Loss & Chronic Health Condition ImprovementYou'll learn how to get results in days...weeks or months.  You'll learn how to burn 2 - 4Lbs of body fat per days...and I'm not talking about water-weight. You'll learn the secret to activating your metabolism, and burning body fat even while you sleep.

Take The $500 Weight Loss Challenge

Okay! You Still Don't Believe Results Like These Are True?

Check Out These Results And Testimonies

Kim Tang  Age 50
Business Owner

I spent a lot of time hoping for gym to gym, trainer to trainer, and all my results were the same, till I met Neucleus at MasterClass Fitness. 

Now I had a trainer who would focus on my need and guide me toward improving my health.  Not like all the cookie-cutter programs, I tried and the results of those programs were unseen.

Neucleus taught me how to work at my own pace doing the thing that would benefit my body.   He often said that people are different and everybody's body is different, therefore you need a different program that caters to your body. 

These results amazed me in less than 90-days and this is what it looks like.

Thanks, Neucleus and MasterClass Fitness

Danna Luciano  Age 28
House Wife

At age 28 she went from 173lbs to 128lbs in 90-days.  A total of 45lbs in 90-days

Allison Hazy Age 28

At age 28 she dropped a whopping 64lbs - from 187lbs to 123lbs in 90-days

Myles Choy  Age 14

When Myles's mother brought him to me, he was only 14yrs old.  I ask him why did he want to lose weight, and what was his goal.  He replied..."I want to look like you"... Well...surprised, and truly amazed, at such high praise, and compliment, yet grateful...Well you know the feeling...

I was amazed by his compliment, and level of commitment at such a young age.  He later told me he wanted to become a professional wrestler...his idol was John Cena.

Little did his mother realize that he was suffering from type 2 diabetes which caused migraine headaches daily as a result of being obese with unstable blood sugar level.  My recommendation was strict; diet with daily workout routines, and nutritional supplements to enhance, and speed up the process.

Amazingly within 10-weeks he lost a total of 65lbs along with the daily migraine headaches.

The rest of the story is in the photo. No more type 2 diabetes or migraine headaches.

Shawn Leong  Age 61
Executive Administrator
Johnson & Johnson

Originally I'm from Singapore, and I have been training for more than 15yrs.  My trainer in Singapore often told me that due to my age I was unable to lose weight.  He said I was too old, and there was nothing more I could do about it.  After spending just 90 days here in the US, Artesia California, with MasterClass Fitness Trainer Neucleus Arnold, within 45 days these are the amazing results I obtained.  I decreased my body fat percentage by 10% going from 24 percent to 14 percent.  When I returned back home to Singapore my former trainer was amazed, and speechless.  At age 62 I feel stronger, and more energetic than before thanks to Neucleus, at MasterClass Fitness.

Neucleus Arnold  Age 61
Founder and Owner MasterClass Fitness Academy, Physiotherapist, Certified Master Personal Trainer, Professional Sports Enhancement Trainer, Sports Rehabilitation Trainer, Extreme Fitness Trainer, Chronic Health Disease Specialist and Weight Loss Specialist

I'm Neucleus, your trainer, I'm 61 years old and in the best shape of my life, but as you can see I wasn't always this healthy.  I use to have Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, painful hip joints, swelling and collapsing knees.

The physical therapy I was attending for my knee problems was not helping so I decided to seek answers myself.  I had already lost my older sister, and mother due to Type 2 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure; I was determined not to head down the same path.

After learning that my knees and hip pain was a result of being overweight; too much stress on the joint and my diet was the reason for my Type 2 Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure.

I definitely had to make a change, but if want to hear the entire story click on the video and hear my story.

I also have a video manifesto you should see of me losing 13Lbs in just 60-hours, and 6 of those pounds in the first 36-hours.

Watch “The Incredible Reboot”

After 6 years of study and research I came up with a solution that could help people like you and me who wanted to improve their health living, and dealing with chronic health conditions.  A place where you could get professional help at a fraction of the cost of a single training session.

Welcome to MasterClass Fitness Academy

Winnie Lee  Age 30
Teacher (Elementary School)

When I started with Neucleus I had very bad knee problems.  I remember him always telling me to "Squat Winnie - Squat deeper - push your knees out and keep your feet flat on the floor" "Now act like you're trying to sit in a chair without looking behind you - you need to push your glute back till you feel the chair behind you"...pretty scary at first, but after a while, you get more confidence, and it all makes sense and comes together.

He would tell me this so many times over and over...I could remember it in my sleep.

I thought I would never get it, but he was patient, encouraging, and always upbeat about me reaching my goal.

He would always find a way to make me smile during the toughest of times...he really makes training fun.

I felt like he was all eyes on me...all the time, but in the long run, it all came together.

Now I don't need those knee braces anymore...I really thought my condition would end up getting worst, but thanks to Neucleus of MasterClass Fitness those days are gone forever.

Now he tells me my squats and lunges are perfect, that better than what I use to hear.

It took a couple of months to reach my goal, but I listen to him and I never gave up on he would constantly tell me "Winnie don't give up...keep pushing"

Neucleus is the best! He really cares about his clients and their health.

Make the right choice...MasterClass Fitness is the right choice...

Monica Rodriguez, RN  Age 36

Neucleus is an amazing person who's passionate about health and fitness. He was able to help me master my fitness goals, and achieve the body of my dreams.

Being a nurse I understand the healing power of physical exercise, and proper dieting which is a great amount of knowledge I've learned at MasterClass Fitness Academy.

I've tried many trainers in the past, but Neucleus is at the top of my list.  His knowledge base is so in-depth similar to that of an RN Nurse...and that's what I find amazing, and appealing about him is his medical knowledge, and being able to relate to me in medical terms was so encouraging and professional.

As a medical professional myself, I've seen many people risking their health for other gains in life not understanding that without good health...everything else in life is useless.

A lot of techniques that Neucleus employ, and teach are not allowed by a medical professional, we have sworn an oath to preserve life.  And I've learned that his methods are all about preserving, and improving life especially for people over the age of 50.

He knows his craft, and he's very knowledgeable about medical procedures, problems, and conditions.  I'm truly amazed how spot on he is about many health issues.

Take my advice, I'm a medical professional...I'm an ER Nurse and if you're looking for a life coach that can get results...I can guarantee you Neucleus is the one to seek.

Maria Kraft  Age 72
Retired Military Wife

This is the best trainer I've ever met.  I was suffering from diabetes and losing my sight in the left eye as a result of my diabetes.  Neucleus told me he could help, and possibly we could save my sight by reducing the effects of my diabetesI thought this was a long shot, but my husband insisted that I try so I did.

My doctor said that I was going to lose the sight in my left eye, and this frightens me severely. I didn't want to lose my sight...nobody does, and I had no idea what to do about it.

Neucleus said I needed to lose weight, and diet to improve my A1C level, and reduce deposits of fat throughout my veins and arteries.

He said I needed special dieting, and some homeopathic remedies to speed up the process.

Little by little over the next six months, the hemorrhaging in my left eye began to subside and clear up till there was no visible damage to be seen.  I was still under the regular care of my physician who was monitoring the progress.  I still had to have eye surgery to remove blood vessels growing underneath my retina.

So I visit with my doctor as normal, and continued training with Neucleus.  About 14-months later I visit my ophthalmologist, and he said..."Maria it look good, your eye has recovered very well, and your lab reports look good as well.” “Let me get my chief to take a look at it” and the Chief Ophthalmologist said… “Your HDL and LDL levels are amazing.” He said…”I can’t believe how much you’ve improved” he ask…  “What the name of your trainer"...I said "Neucleus at MasterClass Fitness" my doctor said “You should really thank him” I said "He's a chronic health specialist”...”well...look like you won't need any more surgeries as long as you continue to do whatever you’re been doing…it’s working…so don’t give up” “The result look good…but we’re going to continue monitoring you for the next 6 months in case the situation changes.  If everything continues to look good we won’t need to schedule you for surgery.  Good job Maria”…I said “you should thank my trainer”…”You tell him thanks for me”…okay I will.

I felt like I just won the lottery...I was so excited I almost passed out.

Neucleus told me that I could never go back to eating unhealthy like I use to…and don’t stop exercising…you need to continue to maintain your health and condition so you won’t have problems with your site in the future.

I really owe it to Neucleus at MasterClass Fitness for holding me accountable, and motivating me to keep pushing.  I couldn't have done this without him.

Neucleus is a great trainer, and I will always be grateful for his contribution to improving my lifestyle, and saving my sight.

Thank you Neucleus

Maria Kraft

Uyenchi Bui  Age 43

Trinh Bui  Age 50

Entire Family Here
< < < < < < < < <

I highly recommend having Neucleus as a personal trainer.  His professionalism, caring and supportive personality is rewarding. 

Whether you want to lose weight, get toned, firm up, or increase your energy, and strength he definitely can help you.

I was so impressed by the results I obtained at MasterClass Fitness that I later recommended my daughter, then my sister-in-law, my brother, and my younger seen here in the photos.

And we all obtained amazing results.  My daughter is a professional Olympic competitor (Ice skater) I enrolled her to improve her vertical leaping ability for competition.

Whatever your needs are for improving your health and wellness, Neucleus would be my primary choice.  I'm sure he has the tools, and knowledge to get you the result you're looking worked for my entire family, and the results are in the photos.

What so amazing is we all lost between 15 - 25lbs in about 30-days...Each one of us!...that's was unbelievable.

I recommend you try out his training, and see for yourself.

He's amazing!

Uyenchi 43 & Trinh Bui Age 50
Brother Tai 47
Pharmacist & Dentist

Laura Flores  Age 56
Women's Christian Ministry

Neucleus is an excellent trainer. So far I have been training with him for 6-years.  I started at a weight of 148lbs unable to do a single push-up.  Since that time I'm now 113lbs, 5'4" in height and I'm definitely in the best shape ever.

I've learned a lot about nutrition, fitness, dieting, and health and wellness.  Neucleus says that my dieting is so well, and on point that I have now become the teacher.

Many times I wanted to give up and quit, but Neucleus never gave up on me, and continues to motivate and guide me along the way to success.  He really cares about his clients getting results, and he'll keep pushing until you're happy with your results like I am.  He worked every day with me until my techniques were flawless...and continued to push me to a higher level.  He's very honest and direct at times, but I'm very happy to have him as my personal trainer.

Jennica Lloyd, LPN  Age 28

At age 28 she dropped a whopping 64lbs - from 187lbs to 123lbs in 90-days

Jacqueline Colunga  Age 27
Executive Administrator

25lbs Weight Loss In 30-days

Darrell Johnson Age 32
Database Engineer

At age 32 he dropped a whopping 50lbs - from 215lbs to 165lbs in 60-days

Robert Dominik  Age 49
Financial Investment Advisor

Robert lost 40lbs in 60-days...His success is due to dieting and exercise routine.  He admitted that he needed to invest in his health so that he could spend quality time with his children.  He was very determined, physically strong, and just needed a little coaching and guidance.

Robert said that he needed someone to show him what to do, someone encouraging helping him get rid of a couple of pounds.

Just like all my clients, there is a lot of video footage of his awesome performance, and for his size; you wouldn't believe your eyes.

As you can see his accomplishment is amazing and even better now.  We have it all on video to share with people like you...any of our clients...just ask we're happy to share with you their accomplishments, live and real-time footage of their performance.

Pamela Reese Age 34
Retail Specialist

At age 34 she dropped a whopping 125lbs - from 248lbs to 123lbs in 9-months

Master Trainer
Neucleus Arnold  Age 61
Physiotherapist, Sports Rehabilitation Trainer, Chronic Health Disease Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, Dietary Fasting Specialist, Genetic Coding For Weight Loss & Chronic Health Disease Improvement Specialist, Nutritionist and Dietary Coach, Insanity Certified Fitness Instructor, NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Senior Fitness Specialist, Men's & Women's Health Fitness Trainer, Certified Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit Trainer, Schwinn Cycling Coach

Creator of various proprioceptive, hypertrophy, and Thermogenic programs.

  • Muscle Pump Hypertrophy
  • Bosu Ball Stability Workout
  • The Impossible Workout
  • Wobble Pad Stability Workout
  • Fresh Start Fitness For Senior
  • Ketone Burner Workout
  • Fundamental Movement Techniques
  • Spartan 300 For Men & Women
  • Airborne 100 The Paratrooper Workout
  • Testosterone Booster Workout

Pamela Espinoza Age 26
Dental Assistance

At age 26 she dropped a whopping 81lbs - from 219lbs to 138lbs in 5-months with

Allie Sparks Age 26
Retail Grocery

At age 26 she dropped 36lbs - from 164lbs to 128lbs in 90-days

Megan Taylor  Age 51

At age 51 she dropped a whopping 60lbs - from 183lbs to 123lbs in 120-days

Robin Peterson 34
Department Store Saleperson

At age 34 she dropped a whopping 146lbs - from 280lbs to 134lbs and recovered from type 2 diabetes in 10-months

A1C level dropped from 7.8 to 5.2 using Genetic Coding - Dietary Fasting - Blood Type Dieting

She sacrifice eating carbs and zero sugar for 10-months utilizing IMF-24 with exercise

Cece Loren Age 26
University Student

I struggled with my weight for years, trying diet after diet and working my way through a couple of personal trainers till I met Neucleus at MasterClass Fitness.  I was a little reluctant at first after trying so many options I felt it was impossible for me to achieve my weight loss goal.  It seemed like nothing was working for me.  Neucleus told me that I needed to change my diet, and combine an exercise program to match my physiology, and metabolism...not quite understanding what that meant at the time I decided to give him a try.

He not only taught me the right way to exercise, but also the right way to diet, and soon I start seeing results within weeks...this got me excited.

I didn't realize that all that time I spent on the treadmill was the wrong method, and that my body had reached a plateau.

After joining with Neucleus at MasterClass Fitness I lost 70lbs within the first 5 months.  It's not the pounds that mattered it was the appearance that began to open doors, and opportunities for me thanks to Neucleus.

I feel more energetic, and knowledgeable of what is needed to maintain good health and appearance.

This is definitely a game-changer for me as well as a lifestyle change.

I highly recommend Neucleus and MasterClass Fitness as your guide to health and if you're serious about improving your health, and getting in shape...this is definitely the place to get started.  He really helped me a lot...Cece

Vitica Arnold  Age 21
University Student

At age 21 I'm proud of my daughter she dropped 47lbs going from 167lbs to 120lbs in 90-days

Dieting and Hypertrophy Workout

Kevin Patel Age 43
Commercial Realtor/Broker

At age 43 he just wanted to get 6-pack abs...there you are in 90-days

Lolyn Maria Palacios  Age 49
Business Owner, Professional Homecare

Lolyn Maria Palacios  Age 49
Business Owner, Professional Homecare

When I first started training with Neucleus of MasterClass Fitness I had extremely bad posture.  I wore 2 knee braces all the time because I had "Pronation Distortion Syndrome" whereas my knees came together as commonly called "pigeon-toed" or "knee-knocking".

I never realize I would have to learn to walk all over again after of years of doing it my way...this was feeling really weird to me.

Neucleus started my training by addressing the problem with corrective exercise, and over time it did correct my posture.

After doing these exercises consistently, 5-days a week, eventually over time a habit of many years was corrected, and within about 6-months I was walking normally without the need for knee braces.

Little by little the pain in my knees, and feet subsided till there was no recognizable discomfort or pain to deal with.

These exercises Neucleus had me doing were well thought out with lots of emphasis on my stance, walk, squatting, kneeling, and lunging techniques. Which I later learned are all fundamental movements of daily domestic activities.  

Over a period of 6 months, I could no longer recognize the problem and there was no pain or discomfort to endure.

If you're looking for a health improvement coach; MasterClass Fitness is the #1 choice.

I recommend you give Neucleus a try.

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It take determination, dedication, and the desire to obtain success.  They worked towards their health and wellness goals as if their lives depended on it.  This is the type of Mindset you'll need to obtain these types of results.


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What Can You Expect From MasterClass Fitness Academy

We'll teach you how to lose 2 - 4lbs of body fat per day

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We'll teach you how to obtain dramatic improvement of your chronic health conditions within weeks

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What Do We Expect From You

We expect you to remain in compliance with all of our coaching, and teaching.  These are proven science-based methods, and techniques for losing weight, and improving chronic health conditions.

We can easily distinguish the different in your compliance, or lack of participation.

We want see everyone succeed, and achieve their health and wellness goal.

In return;

We’ll expect a 5 minute video interview of your success to be shared within our community and possibly the world…

We’ll expect a written testimony of your results, and your written impression of MasterClass Fitness Training .

And hopefully you’ll be so impressed with your results that you will refer other friends, and family to join our community.

Once we receive this commitment from you…we’ll enter you into our monthly pool of “Best Results” offering you a $5K to $50K Cash Prize as our way of saying congratulation for showing the world that we provide that which we offer; and our claims, and offers are REAL.

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Form & Techniques

At MasterClass Fitness Academy we start our clients with Fundamental Movement Techniques for the improvement of recreational and domestic movement.

We’ll teach you how to leverage the muscles of your body to get maximum performance at all times.  In days you’ll begin to increase in strength due to corrective exercise movements, and employing the proper mechanics for generating strength, power and force.

These fundamental lessons are essential movements necessary for attending our online training classes.  We want to ensure every experience is a pleasant moment within our group sessions, and that you’re able to follow along with the instructor without confusion and hesitation.  During these introductory lessons you’ll develop lean muscle mass which will increase your resting metabolism causing you to burn more calories daily.

Performance Enhancement

During your training we try to identify movement patterns that potentially causes muscle and bone imbalance, and make every effort to correct these patterns to help you improve mobility and comforts.  For years we have all had some sort of imbalance that is causing pain, reduced performance, and joint mobility issues which over time often leads to injury.

We’ll try to identify those movement patterns, and teach corrective movements to improve posture, balance and stability.

Our goal is to help you prevent long-term injury that might be unforeseen in order to increase bodily performance and health improvement for all our clients

Personalization Live Q & A

All of our training courses are offer as private 1-on-1 sessions for those in need to a more personal touch, attention and faster recovery.  We pride ourselves in rapid results which saves you time and money.  We want our entire client base to understand that result can truly be obtained in days, and for this reason all training programs are offered as private or small group sessions if needed.


At the completion of our online group training sessions we offer live Q & A in an attempt to answer important questions you may have regarding your health improvement.  These Q & A session are also offer as private 30-minute sessions to ensure your concerns are addressed, and from time to time we’ll try to follow-up within the group to ensure you’re getting the results your deserve.

Our Training Format & Floorplan

Our training programs start with Fundamental Movement Techniques" which is required of all our clients to improve recreational and domestic performance prior to learning thermogenic, plyometrics, proprioceptive stability training, hypertrophy, weightlifting, and transformation programs. 

At MasterClass Fitness Academy all clients are required to complete the online course “Secrets Of Weight Loss And Chronic Health Improvement” prior to joining our online training classes.

Fundamental Movement Techniques teaches individual corrective exercise movements which improves domestic and recreational lifestyles.

Fundamental Movement Techniques which is also known as Functional Movements are designed to teach an individual the proper mechanics for leveraging the muscles of the body.  This greatly increases the total production of strength and endurance of the body during all types of physical activities.

These techniques are extremely essential for seniors since during the aging process our bodies undergo changes that reduce the size of muscle fibers, slow the speed of motor neurons from the brain, and reduce flexibility of the muscles tendons, and ligament of the body.  These metabolic and biological changes affects performance of the body by causes slow physical reactions, loss of memory, loss of physical muscle strength, and coordination.

Fundamental Movement Techniques helps senior regain muscle strength, flexibility, balance, stability and coordination.

The most important concern for senior health is the flexibility, bone density, and muscle strength of the hips.  The loss of these attributes is often life-threatening, and maintaining this level of flexibility is essential for overall range of motion as well as the ability to stand, walk, and maintain balance, and stability. 

Mastering Fundamental Movement Technique help protect the body from muscle injuries, especially the joints.  These moves improve coordination, create bone density, improve mobility and increases resting metabolism which promotes the burning of stored body fat.

Prior to performing any form of weight-lifting exercises it is best to learn and potentially master the 12 fundamental exercises, which all body weight-exercises originate from.

After completing Fundamental Movement Techniques the next level is "Introduction To Thermogenic"

This is where you’ll learn about metabolic fitness routines that match your physiology and the requirements necessary to reach your anaerobic threshold for burning stored body fat. 

Without understanding Fundamental Movement Techniques you put yourself at risk of injury, impede your progress of losing weight, and reduce the opportunity for improvement of your chronic health conditions.

After Introduction To Thermogenic are the followings:

Full Thermogenic
Extreme Thermogenic
Proprioceptive Training
Advance Proprioceptive Training
Performance Retention Training

Each one of these phases takes about six months to master.  Once you reach that level you'll be in the best shape of your life.

However, this is the most important fact of all and wellness improvement takes 100% mental focus, and discipline, 70% diet, and 30% movement techniques.  This is a life change, not a race or a Quick Fix; it takes time, patience, determination, focus, and perseverance.

Don't fool yourself by thinking you can just walk around the park and improve all your health issues...



You're Going To Be Amazed By Our Results

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